Mint4Win – A Wubi Based Installer of Linux Mint

If you guys saw my “My Experience with Ubuntu” post, you saw that I talked about Wubi, that let’s you install Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu and MythUbuntu. Wubi doesn’t let you install Linux Mint, a known Linux Distribution. I searched Google, and I found an alternative, that let’s you install Linux Mint without burning any CD’s. The name is Mint4Win, but this has a problem, this doesn’t have a standalone version, like Wubi has. What does that mean? You have to download the .iso file of Linux Mint. After downloading that, you can use MagicDisc to emulate a CD/DVD drive, or InfraRecorder to burn the CD. Then, just go to X: (X being the drive you have, it could be D:, E:, or any other) and run mint4win.exe . You should get a similar window like this:


If you used Wubi in the past, you i’ll see it looks basically the same. Just put your Installation Size (I recommend 10GB or more), and put your Password and Username, and click install. It will start checking the checksums, to see if any Viruses was putted into the .iso, and after that, just restart the computer. Just select “Linux Mint” from the bootloader, and it will start installing, and after that, restart the computer one more time. I recommend you to try going to the other OS you have installed (Windows XP, Vista, 7, etc), to see if it corrupted any files (Most likely not).

And there we go, you have Linux Mint installed easily with your other Operating System. If you want to unnistall it, just go to Add/Remove Programs (XP), or Programs/Features (Vista/7), and search for Mint4Win.

Hope you liked this Post, i’ll see you in the next post 😀